News: @RickRubin And His Favorite New Artists As Of Right Now

By April 11, 2015The Xchange

Whether you like it or not, there is always something to admire about ole Greybeard himself, Rick Rubin. Just like this new generation that looks for new music to put their friends on to, Rick does the same thing, except he flies them out to his studio for studio sessions. Almost makes you want his kind of money to do the same thing huh? I know, me too. Anyway, here are a few, of many, artists that Rick is checking for and I would be quite sure that you should too.
Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment (SoX)


“Somebody who helped us out a lot with just getting into the project was Rick Rubin. There’s been a lot of just people in the studio watching us work almost like a house band. People come in just to watch us jam out.”



“GoldLink connects progressive rap styles with cutting edge dance music. He bridges the electronic DJ culture with hip hop in a way we haven’t heard before.”



“Today was inspiring.”


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