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The age game changes with each generation. At 22, I was just coming into being “grown”, playing Madden all day (LITERALLY), occasionally hitting up clubs and going to a lot of house parties. That was my life at 22. Don’t get it twisted though. I’ve been at this DJ life since my sophomore year in high school. I still have my turntables and can get busy on ’em. When I see new people at a young age doing the same thing I am doing (music), I’m always amazed at how far ahead of their time they are once the content is put out.

Enter St. Louis born, Atlanta raised Metro Boomin. I mean think about it like this… raise your hand if you saw him coming? Well, OJ Da Juiceman did. Metro’s first beat to a major rap star went to him. Outside of that, I mean let’s face it, I thought when he first burst on the scene with Karate Chop just 2 years ago, I thought “ok, this was a nice one off. That beat is amazing though.” He just kept producing. Then I looked up and saw the before well-known star have three placements on Future’s 2014 album, Honest. Six months prior to Honest, Boomin put out a solid project with his producer mixtape, 19 & Boomin.


A mixtape like none other with rising stars (who are now household names) and first timers like Trinidad Jame$, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Wiz Khalifa, YG, Curren$y, and Travi$ Scott, who linked with Metro three times on the Days Before Rodeo mixtape before you got 3500 for a coat.

Atlanta’s rap scene has become a huge mecca now. Producers have found their space in the music scene and artists from all over are coming to work there. The trap beats are by the dozens. Everyone wants to do them. Rappers want to rap on them. Singers want more bass on bridges and trunk-rattling drums to match their song pitch. Seems like everyone just wants a piece of the “A.” But you know how the saying goes: “often imitated, never duplicated.”

For Boomin, well… he’s Boomin. Metro and Future have put together a nice run since October of last year with Monster. Metro produced hits such as the self titled track Monster, and of course this years’ favorite anthem…

The thing that impressed me most about this mixtape is not just the music itself. It’s who executive produced it. In an industry where major labels want their hands on everything, and artists are always wanting to give people a chance to “create,” Future made Metro the head honcho for this project. After this came the works of Beast Mode, 56 Nights and of course DS2. Then he did it again just recently with this…

Future linked up with Drake for an unannounced project, What A Time To Be Alive. An 11-track opus that brought two of hip hop’s current stars together for one much anticipated project. Mark my words, there’s about 2-3 records that will indeed be on the radio from this project. Once again, you see Metro, the signal caller, coordinating the material. I said earlier that the age game has changed for producers because there should be more of this going on in music. Metro Boomin now has not one, but two of the most talked about projects this year that he executive produced under his belt. While there’s No Sleep For Today’s Youth, What a time… to be 22.

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