News: Flying Lotus and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Speak On Producer Struggles


…sigh… damn.
Ok, here’s the deal. I really didn’t know. In today’s music industry, the song drops, the person who is the face of the record, the song gets the buzz or becomes a big hit… Usually THAT order right?
What about the Producers though!? Is it something in the waters between artists and producers? And what’s with artists who aren’t paying, or even refuse to? If you haven’t seen it, Flying Lotus, and production team, the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, took to Twitter to express their frustrations about rappers and how they disrespect producers and their hard work. Know your worth man. I’ve loved and have had a love for music for a long time. I even want to know who plays background symbols if the sound sounded good.



“…Very important to know your worth. To producers. When a rapper invites u to the studio and asks u to make beats on the spot.Tell them to pay your fee on the spot,cuz fuck that. Lots of rappers genuinely think they doing us favors by fuckin w us. Hella rap artists are rape artists. Taking advantage of abilities thinking its a good look for us! Most my people behind the scenes is broke. Ain’t no reason why the homies shouldn’t be eating super well right now. If u ask me. It’s @MetroBoomin featuring @1future. He makes that shit what it is tbh…”




“…. @flyinglotus is right. Y u think we aint been working with ur favorite rappers lately? I doubt that @chancetherapper even pays producers. I’m thankful we came up when the industry and artist still respected producers and our fees. I feel really bad for the new guys… Recently high level execs @ major labels say, they love us and we’re one of the best ever, but they’re scared of us becuse of our fees… if u do favors & cut our rate, labels dont even want to give you all your producer points on a contract! Lol they nothing but bloodsuckers. Music industry has been good to us and our career, it’s just a shame to see what it’s doing to the young guys now. And it’s LEGAL..smh. Young producers, know your worth. Know that without that music, its just a mufucka talkin. Most likely talkin bout destruction of our own…”

Damn… It was all good just a beat ago.

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