News: @Easy_Mo_Bee Remembers Tupac’s “Me Against The World”

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“As 2Pac austerely pointed out on Me Against the World’s brooding “If I Die 2Nite,” “pussy and paper” is often perceived as “poetry, power and pistols,” the very album that this record appeared on has switched up the phrase a bit.

Rather than “pussy and paper,” instead its Pac’s landmark 1995 LP, Me Against the World, that has gone on to epitomize that very “poetry, power and pistols” he mentions on the track. And like a true leader with a megaphone standing with both feet planted on a soapbox, the fiery and polarized MC created a collection of music that has since become a mouthpiece for a generation, relaying a message that is as relevant now as it was 20 years ago.

“I always felt like that was the most different album he did,” Easy Mo Bee remembered about the album that he happened to produce several tracks for, including “If I Die 2Nite.”

“At that time, up to that point and after, when you look back that album was just different,” the decorated beatsmith added.

This Saturday (March 14) marks 20 years since the magnum opus hit shelves, so to celebrate REVOLT caught up with several figures, including Easy Mo Bee to discuss the album that continues to speak larger than ever.

“[He was] always a brother to speak up and say his piece. He ain’t gonna hold whatever it is that he had to say, whether it was his feeling about the government, police brutality, what’s going on in the neighborhood or how us as black people in America get treated. Even with the music that lives on, he will continue to be that voice.”


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