Interview: Straight Shooters Chop It Up With Producer Illmind



The Straight Shooters speak with Illmind:

We titled this episode “a conversation with illmind” because this is not your typical Straight Shooters show. ilmind took us into super duper nerdy producer world and fascinated the shit out of us. From working on the new Mobb Deep album to his first sessions with 50 Cent and Sha Money XL — illmind brings us into his world as a state of the art producer. There’s also some cautionary tales in here, apparently some of you less experienced producers are getting “ass raped” by labels for major placements and Mr. Fillipino Fire can help you with that. We also talk about how illmind scored a 3 pointer in the final seconds of the 4th quarter and ended up on Kanye West’s Cruel Summer.”

After the jump, hear the interview and peep the visual for his record he produced for Scotty ATL


Via PNCStudios

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