Article: @QuincyDJones Recalls ‘We Are the World’ Recording Session: ‘Egos Were Checked at the Door’

By March 23, 2015Music, The Xchange


“We Are The World.” Man, what a record. Thirty years later, the 1985 classic “raised more than $60 million to combat hunger in Africa and the U.S., producer Quincy Jones is still amazed at the project’s legacy.”

How do you feel about the impact the cause had on bringing awareness and support to fighting the famine crisis?

It is enormously gratifying. We artists all came together to help people who needed our help. None of us had a clue that the event would ever be as big as it was; it was beyond our wildest dreams. Those 46 singers came into the session with one thing on their minds: to try and make a difference. And they did. Every artist in the studio that night was at the peak of his or her career, but it was their collective star power that made “We Are the World” a global event. If you’re not using your celebrity as a currency to bring attention to things that matter, what good is it really? “We Are the World” still stands as the most successful and unified outreach in the history of music.

What was the most magical part of the recording?

All of it, man. Every second of that night was magical. As artists, we are all just vessels for God’s whispers, and I know God walked through the studio that night, a couple of times.


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