Article: MADVillain is 10 Years Old… But Did You Know?

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“…In the early 2000s (well before the ultimate 2004 release date), recording makeshift albums for various labels, doing limited guest-work, and traveling between Long Island and a small Georgia town, DOOM was off the grid. It just so happens that Stones Throw’s GM, Egon had a friend who lived in the same rural town as Metal Face, and they crossed paths. Although Stones Throw had worked with DOOM’s contemporaries, Lord Finesse, Rob Swift and 45 King, the English-born MC/producer had never heard of the imprint. “I told my friend that Madlib’s been making beats and I needed to get them to DOOM to get Madlib back into rap again,” Egon told Pitchfork. Jeff Weiss reports that a care package of Madlib’s releases was shipped to DOOM. “Three weeks later, the friend called back: DOOM loved it and wanted to work,” he writes. “Phone calls and tapes were exchanged. An offer was made. One of several quasi-managers then orbiting the DOOM solar system demanded plane tickets to L.A. and $1,500 for three songs over Madlib beats. Stones Throw immediately agreed.”

The story gets more interesting. Upon DOOM’s arrival, the MC strapped on his mask to hit the bomb-shelter with Madlib, while still in the car. The label was broke at the time, and DOOM’s fee was not possible to be compensated—something his manager demanded upon arrival…”

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