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News: @Beyo30Bangers Drops His “Vinyl Richie 3″ Beat Tape

Respect the technique!!! And Beat machines too…


News: @ohnothedisrupt “Rhythm Roulette”

The Disruptor takes video game classics… #TakeNotes…


News: Andre 3000 Explains Why Each OutKast Album Sounded So Different; Talks Jimi Hendrix

“…Don’t try to impress us… Don’t try to PLEASE anybody… To me, I’M EXCITED about the progression of everything…”

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Timbaland on the Breakfast Club 11/19/14

Young Guru & DJ Khalil talk Dr Dre, Roc-A-Fella, N.W.A, Dilla, Premier, Dj Quik + More

Metro Boomin In The Studio Making Beats 2014

Darold Gholston, Artist and Music Producer

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